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It’s one of the sad facts of life that it generally takes longer to build up a good mood than to tear one down. A quick bit of bad luck can ruin your afternoon (just ask anyone who’s been pooped on by a pigeon), but blissful joy is often the result of building off a string of successes and blessings.

We say “often” because sometimes you stumble across a shortcut to a genuine smile or heartwarming laugh, which is definitely the case with the twist ending to this short video of a hamster having its ear stroked.

After enough time with their owners, hamsters tend to get comfortable enough around people that you can hold them in the palm of your hand without worrying about them running away (unless they’ve got a bar to tend). They’re even happy to let you pet and stroke them, as shown in a video from Vine user Takazin.

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At the start, the fuzzy little guy is frantically chowing down on something, perhaps training to become a competitive eating champion. Once Takazin rests a thumb on its earlobe, though, the animal freezes.

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Realizing she can’t keep the hamster immobilized forever, Takazin slides her fingertip away. For a split-second, nothing happens, but then…

The adorable critter’s online audience had the following to say:

“All right, I’m done! Dead from the cuteness overdose.”
“The delay before his reaction is so cute!”
“It hurts…but I can’t stop laughing!”
“I could watch this all day.”

We totally agree with that last one. Sure, the ultra-short runtime means a full day would translate out to a staggering number of rewatches, but still, we don’t see ourselves getting tired of this anytime soon.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Images: Vine