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Meet the Powere Jacket MK3, an elaborate power suit clearly inspired by anime and hitting the market just in time to ride the wave of excitement over Guillermo Del Toro’s Kaiju Vs. Robots monster movie, Pacific Rim.

Though the power suit is far less impressive than the towering robots of the film, according to the below video, it lets you achieve all kinds of superhuman feats, including running at faster speeds, lifting heavy objects, and eating Cheetos without getting orange powder all over your fingers.

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We can think of a few other uses for the versatile system, including scaring the crap out of your daughter’s new boyfriend, and impressing friends with an actual robot dance at the club.

According to the host of the video, who appears to have been in a fight with the robot suit prior to filming, it also makes girls look cute through its oversized windshield technology. We think this is a joke, but we can’t confirm this because we spent this year’s expense budget on McDonald’s Black Diamond burgers and can’t purchase a MK3 for ourselves.

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The video itself is pretty funny, aside from allusions to a creepy statutory rape side story, so it’s worth watching all the way through:

By the way, there’s only five of these up for sale, so if you’ve got a $125,000 lying around and space travel isn’t really your thing, you might want to hurry up and put your order in.

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