Upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Gyakuten Saiban 5 (known in the English-speaking world as Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies) may still be a couple of months away from release in the West, but gamers in Japan are already charging their portable consoles in preparation for its launch this Thursday.

Developer Capcom, too, is helping fans get back into detective mode after their brief hiatus by asking visitors to the official Phoenix Wright website to investigate a crime scene and spot the contradictions in three witness statements. Those who can successfully solve the puzzle will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 50 ‘blood pillows’ designed to transform any sleeping gamer into the victim of a grizzly cartoon murder.

In order to be in with a chance to win, Japan-based Phoenix Wright fans must take on the role of a lawyer examining the scene of a suspected suicide and read the three witnesses’ statements, looking for any possible contradictions or clues throughout.

▼ One evening, famous writer ‘A-san’ was founded hanged in a room on the third floor of his home. It looks like a suicide, but something is not quite right…

phoenix wright inset

B-san (wife): Just after lunch time, I saw A-san head up to the third floor of the house carrying a rope. He looked kind of down, so he was probably thinking about killing himself even then. If only I’d realised sooner I could have stopped him.

C-san (relative): I’d been playing shogi [Japanese chess] with A-san during the morning. He’d been losing a lot recently, so he wasn’t very chirpy. But he was determined to take me on again, so I can’t believe he’d go and kill himself.

D-san (publisher): When I got out of my car in front of the house, I could see A-san standing on top of his shogi table putting a noose around his neck, so I went to tell his wife as quickly as I could.

Notice anything suspicious there, Rocketeers? If you think you’ve spotted something a little unusual, you can tell Capcom through the website and automatically be entered into the prize draw. If you’re struggling to find enough evidence to confidently finger a suspect, not to worry–Capcom is also giving away five more pillows to those who tweet about the contest via the website and include the hashtag #Gyakuten5.

The Japanese version of the popular detective/courtroom battle series will be released on July 25, priced 5,990 yen. A Western release is scheduled for autumn this year, rated ‘M’ for mature on account of its altogether darker, more adult themes and storyline. The contest, however, runs until August 8, so if your brain’s not quite functioning yet you still have plenty of time to pour yourself a strong coffee and don a dirty raincoat to help you think.

▼ Your reward for solving this heinous crime.


Source: Capcom, 4Gamer (Japanese)
Video via YouTube CapcomChannel