Laozi is often credited with saying, “Rather than give a man a fish, teach him to fish.” These wise words would appear to have spurred on KFC Japan’s newest promotion in conjunction with the One Piece series. Rather than give you an ice cream, KFC and the Straw Hat Pirates are going to teach you how to make ice cream and give you a maker to do it.

Starting 25 July KFC will be selling One Piece-style ice cream makers with the purchase of certain combo meals. There are three types to available featuring Luffy, The Straw Hat Pirates, and crowd favorite Chopper.

You can get one by purchasing the A Pack, which is two pieces of Original, two pieces of Extra Crispy and a small order of fries for 1,290 yen (US$13). You could also snag one by ordering a B Pack consisting of four pieces of Original and a small fries for 1,430 yen. Or perhaps you’d prefer the 980 yen set which has a more appropriate one piece of Original, one piece of Extra Crispy and a small fries.

Then, in true Taoist fashion, once you have your maker you can have ice cream anytime you want… as long as you happen to have ice, salt, sugar, egg, five minutes to spare, milk, and some kind of flavoring.

Source: KFC via Entabe (Japanese)