KFC Japan’s newest sweet offering is a beautiful green drink that looks to be eye-popping as well as thirst-quenching!

Aloe may not be something you would typically expect to see in a fast food item, but it’s one of the ingredients that you’ll find in Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan’s new beverage, the Krushers Aloe & Muscat.

The item, which was released just last week, is the newest flavor in their line of Krushers drinks and is made with a muscat-flavored sauce which also contains yogurt, aloe and nata de coco, all topped with pieces of crunchy whole-wheat crumbles. The crumbles give the drink a unique texture, while the bright green color and fruity flavor are sure to make it an appealing treat both to taste and look at.

▼ It certainly looks refreshing!

The Krushers line of drinks are offered in different seasonal flavors and have long been promoted as a kind of drinkable dessert. The beverage characteristically includes large pieces of crushed ingredients such as fruits and cookies which give it a unique texture and filling quality. To keep the flavor and texture fresh, each drink is made upon order.

The new Aloe & Muscat is the third flavor the chain is currently offering in the Krushers line, along with Yogurt & Berry, which came out in March, and the popular Cookies & Cream flavor, which is part of the regular menu.

The Krushers Aloe & Muscat is available at KFC stores across Japan at a price of  350 yen (US$3.20). We have to say, the green color certainly adds to the cool factor, and for visitors to Japan, it could be the perfect, refreshing way to quench your thirst after a day of sightseeing or shopping as the weather gets warmer in the coming weeks!

Source: KFC Japan 
Top image: KFC Japan
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