Second-generation fried food eating aid is available now, makes signature dish glove-licking good!

KFC Japan is offering all-you-can-eat fried chicken every Friday night until the end of August, and the chain also just introduced a 500-yen (US$4.50) lunch special that’s tempting to the taste buds yet easy on the wallet. In other words, there’s going to be a lot of fried chicken in our immediate future, but thanks to a new innovation, greasy fingertips won’t be part of this summertime gastronomic paradise.

On July 27, KFC branches across Japan began supplying special gloves to help keep your hands clean as you munch on deep-fried bird. An evolution of the Finger Nup finger sheath the company tested two years ago, the new glove, called the Yubi Kirei (literally “clean fingers”), covers the entire palm and three of your five digits.

KFC developed the Yubi Kirei to better serve the needs of techno-savvy and fashion-conscious chicken fans. The three-fingered coverage (thumb, index, and middle) lets you easily grip whatever piece of fried chicken is serving as you current culinary muse, but leaves your ring finger and pinkie uncovered so that you can still use them to operate your smartphone or other touchscreen device.

▼ A file photo showing three uncouth SoraNews24 reporters eating their fried chicken with their BARE HANDS!

Since the Yubi Kirei is a new development in dining etiquette, KFC isn’t automatically placing one in very order. Instead, customers can request one from the clerk at the register when ordering (the phrase in Japanese is “Yubi Kirei wo onegai shimasu”).

The chain says it hasn’t yet decided whether or not to offer the Yubi Kirei on a permanent basis and will first be gauging customer reaction to the initially produced batch. With how many people in Japan wear suits, school uniforms, or other clothing that has to be dry cleaned, though, a barrier to keep grease and oil away from your fingertips is something a lot of people will definitely appreciate, even if it does mean that there’ll be no point in licking your fingers once you’re done eating.

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