These aren’t ice cream sandwiches, either, but an all-new treat.

For a country so strongly associated with rice, Japan offers a surprisingly large variety of sandwiches. Walk into a Japanese convenience store and you’ll find not just basics like ham and egg, but local favorites like yakisoba noodles and thick-cut pork cutlet.

But as tempting as all those might sound, next month it’s going to be tough to choose any of those over a Baskin Robbins sandwich. Such an unexpected offering is on its way courtesy of a tie-up between the much-loved ice cream chain, generally referred to as simply “Thirty-One” by fans in Japan, and bread/pastry maker Yamazaki.

The Baskin Robbins sandwich is not to be confused with an ice cream sandwich, where a block of ice cream is held in place by two cake-like wafers. No, the Baskin Robbins sandwich is a new addition to Yamazaki’s popular Lunch Pack series of closed pockets of fluffy bread with a variety of fillings.

▼ Yamazaki Lunch Pack

Lunch Pack isn’t sold in the freezer section though, so instead of a scoop of ice cream, inside the pocket there’s a mixture of strawberry whipped cream mixed with strawberry jam and strawberry juice that’s designed to recreate the sweet yet tangy flavor of Very Berry Strawberry, one of the ice cream flavors with a permanent spot on Baskin Robbins’ menu.

Like many cuisine collaborations in Japan, the Baskin Robbins Lunch Pack will only be available for a limited time. Thankfully, they’re giving you a pretty wide window, as it’ll be available at supermarkets and convenience stores between July 1 and September 30. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but Lunch Pack varieties generally run about 150 yen (US$1.35), and since you get two sandwiches in each pack, the Baskin Robbins sandwiches will be both easy and inexpensive to share.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Yamazaki
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