During these sweltering summer days it’s not unusual to down more than a few plastic bottles of water, pop, or juice. And surely with all that drinking you’re bound to accumulate a pile of empty plastic bottles.

Burden by all of these bottles, collapsing them to a convenient size for recycling can be an energy and time draining chore. That’s why the folks at Yahoo! R25 wanted to share an effortless way to break your plastic bottles down to size.

It’s really quite simple. Just boil some water and fill the bottle about a third of the way up with it. Then screw the lid on tightly, swish it around a bit and wait a couple minutes. Be careful though–it’s really hot.

After that, empty the water and screw the lid back on. From here on all you have to do is sit back and watch the bottle implode by itself in a few minutes. Once you hear that “pop” you know you’re doing it right.

It’s a neat little trick to liven up your recycling and frees up precious minutes of your life better spent reading RocketNews24 articles.

Source: Yahoo! R25