plastic bottle

Seiji starts a new health regimen with Oronamin C, straight from a plastic bottle faucet

We’ve come to terms with Seiji’s new obsession.

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Tottori airport serves crab soup from a faucet and… Dammit Seiji, put down that plastic bottle!

Seiji continues his mad quest to make this website FaucetNews24 with his endless makeshift plastic bottle taps.

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Lifesaving makeshift water faucet also great for making the legendary “juice faucet”【Video】

We find that a great disaster tip is also the stuff that juicy dreams are made of.

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Tokyo Police shows a clever way to conserve water in a disaster and impress children with magic

This makeshift faucet made with just a plastic bottle is simple but can be a lifesaver in times of need.

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Possibly the most useless product in the world: The Plastic Bottle Bottom Cap

Even if you defend the concept of such a thing, you’ll find that this isn’t even a good plastic bottle bottom cap.

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Can a simple plastic bottle cure you of armpit sweat?

An easy trick rooted in Japanese tradition claims to be able to curb embarrassing pit stains and the social ills they cause.

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How to take a bath for only 0.0000076 yen using ordinary plastic bottles

With Japan entering the new month with a higher sales tax, people are beginning to feel the squeeze. In addition, April is the time of year when many people make big changes in their lives such as moving out on their own. This is already an expensive time made even more so by the economic climate.

One such person is Omocoro writer ARuFa. He feels that he has successfully come up with a way to reduce your water bill drastically by taking baths that would only cost 0.0000076 yen (US$0.000000075). This is his story.

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How to crush a plastic bottle without touching it

During these sweltering summer days it’s not unusual to down more than a few plastic bottles of water, pop, or juice. And surely with all that drinking you’re bound to accumulate a pile of empty plastic bottles.

Burden by all of these bottles, collapsing them to a convenient size for recycling can be an energy and time draining chore. That’s why the folks at Yahoo! R25 wanted to share an effortless way to break your plastic bottles down to size.

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Double Drink Bottles a Hit in Korea, Especially with the Hopelessly Indecisive

RocketNews’ ever faithful correspondent, Kuzo, stumbled upon a new type of drink while traveling abroad.  The bottle is divided down the middle with one side containing 100% orange juice and the other holding grape juice.

The cap has two separate spouts and lids, so if you want a sweet treat of grape juice just do that side. If you feel a cold coming on then go the other way for a vitamin C boost.

Or if you want to really take a walk on the wild side, flip them both up for a very loosely mixed orange/grape blend.

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