It’s come to that time of the year again when many of us will be thinking about getting in shape (or wishing we already had!) as our garments become skimpier and the amount of flesh on show sees an increase. For some, this means planning well ahead of the summer season and going through heavy exercise or muscle training sessions at the gym. However, I’m sure that if you came across the 80-year-old Japanese man in the photo above, you’d find it hard to believe that he was a professional bodybuilder. Perhaps the most natural response would be, “An old man keeping himself active.” But wait until you see the body that he’s hiding under that tracksuit.

80-year-old body builder

While the man is 80 years old, if you were to look at his bulky chest or tensed upper arms you’d be forgiven for thinking that they belonged to a man in his 20 or 30s. As he tenses his arms, you can see the veins rise to the surface and he’s clearly not the type of person you’d want to get into a scrap with.

Body pose championship

The same man is a contender in a contest sponsored by Aussie Beef, which encourages bodybuilders to strike a pose and flaunt their physique. The winner of the competition will be determined by a public voting system. It remains unclear exactly what the champion will win, however any members of the public who vote for their favorite bodybuilder will be automatically entered into a prize draw for the chance to win…

A supply of beef equal in weight to an entire cow!

The prize for being selected in the draw really is quite amazing; it comes in the form of 350 kilograms of Aussie Beef. This equates to about one whole cow and for anyone interested in working on their body, should really help them achieve that perfect physique. There’s also the chance to win a vacation to Australia! That’s one heck of a prize just for clicking on a good-looking body builder!

Anyone interested in just how ripped the 80-year-old grandpa is, check out the video below. After taking a look at this, doesn’t it make you feel just that little bit inclined to vote for the guy?

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