How limber are you? If you’re like me and you sit in an office chair all day hunched over a computer, you’re probably not too flexible. But, you know, that’s what happens with age, right? You start getting older and all of a sudden your body just goes kaput. I mean, it’s not like there are old women doing sideways somersaults and throwing their legs over their heads with reckless abandon, right?

Oh, wait, of course there are!

Meat & Livestock Australia is a “producer-owned” company that does marketing in addition to research and development for Australian “cattle, sheep and goat producers.” They are also responsible for the jaw-dropping commercial below.

What the hell did you just watch?

First, in case you’re wondering what that spry old lady said, it was basically just: “Being healthy with Aussie Beef!”

The woman has been dubbed “The Super Flexible Granny” and it’s easy to see why, isn’t it? We’re starting to wonder what the secret to her success is! Since “you are what you eat,” we can only imagine she consumes hundreds of rubberbands every day.


But just why was she rolling around on the floor and showing off yoga moves people a third her age would struggle with?


Well, as part of their marketing plan in Japan, Meat & Livestock Australia started a campaign whereby people can vote for their favorite “Genki Pose” on Facebook. “Genki,” for those who might not be familiar with the word, basically means “healthy,” though it also implies being in good spirits and upbeat.

The campaign features ten videos of people of various ages being, well, genki! At the end of each video, the actors or actresses pause, look at the camera with their hands in the shape of a triangle and say, “Being healthy with Aussie Beef!” After watching the videos, people can vote for their favorite on Facebook. The first round of voting is finished–an 80-year-old body builder won that–but the second round with the flexible old lady is still open.

Oh, so it’s a marketing gimmick?


Basically yes. Prizes, including a trip to Australia and a full-steer’s worth of beef (350 kilograms or 771 pounds), are also to be awarded to voters. So, it’s a pretty cool marketing gimmick if you ask me.

You can check out the rest of the entries on their YouTube page. I think my favorite may be the “magical new employee” below, but if you get a chance to watch the other videos, let us know what you think!

Also let us know if you have any tips for staying flexible. I’m starting to have trouble tying my shoes…

Image sources: YouTube, Aussie Beef
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