A few weeks ago, we introduced you to some of Japan’s greatest themed-hotel rooms, but it seems we may have jumped the gun just a bit because The Prince Hotel located in Minato Ward of Tokyo has just opened up a brand new Hello Kitty-themed suite, and it might very well be one of the cutest rooms we’ve ever seen.

Check out the photos and details of the cutest room in Japan below.

Decked out with one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty furniture and goods, this large suite—59 square meters, or 635 square feet—is only available until September 8, so you better book it fast!

▼We hope you like pink!


The room contains a sofa in the shape of Hello Kitty’s silhouette complete with a bow, in addition to a Hello Kitty dresser and numerous Hello Kitty stuffed toys. The walls are also covered with photos of Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel on a date, as well as pictures of the adorable character’s family. Many of the props in the room are from the Sanrio Puroland amusement park, where you can meet and “chat” with your favorite Sanrio characters.

▼But is it too much cute for one room to contain??


Those staying in the hotel before August 17 will receive free passes to the Sanrio Character World – the Hello Kity and Friends Summer Vacation Event in addition to special goods. The event is being held in the Prince Hotel between August 10-18 and allows young and old alike to meet Sanrio characters and to try out some attractions. The plan also includes a special breakfast where you can meet Hello Kitty herself! Such patrons can look forward to paying 20,000 yen (roughly US$200) per night per person.

▼Hello Kitty and friends are here to make your summer special!


From August 18 on, the room price drops to 15,000 yen (roughly $150) per night for one person, except on Saturdays and days before holidays when the room goes for 17,500 yen (roughly $175). While patrons staying after the 17 will not receive free passes, they’ll still get the special Hello Kitty goods.

▼Come quick to rescue Kitty from suffocating!


In addition to the Hello Kitty suite, the Prince Hotel is also preparing a My Melody room, which will similarly be decorated with My Melody props. Your stay in the room will come with My Melody goods and will only cost 10,000 yen (roughtly $100) per person per night.

Hmm…I suddenly feel the need to get out of the apartment for a few days.

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