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From the makers of Goal!Goal!Goal! Bank and a wind-up shrimp toy comes a sea anemone for the home. Ieginchaku, a delightful play on words utilizing ie, the Japanese word for “house” and isoginchaku, the word for “sea anemone,” is a little toy/conversation piece that not only resembles those koosh balls you used to chuck at your sister, it moves on its own and comes with little plastic fish! Need a little more convincing before rushing out to buy this product? Take a look at the promotional video; the Ieginchaku really has to be seen in action to be fully appreciated.

Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Wiz, the makers of this fine product, suggest placing your undulating sea anemone “by the window,” “on a desk” or even “beside the sofa”!

While the Ieginchaku seems like a child’s toy, planning and developing it was serious business. Wiz representatives told Excite News in a recent interview that the size, weight, and placement of the fish was difficult to get right. The company wanted the miniature tropical fish to look as convincing as possible as they moved among the plastic tentacles, which was only achieve by a long, tiresome process of trial and error. Wiz also reveals why they think this toy will be appealing to many people, stating that it has a calming effect, a cuteness factor because the fish sometimes look like they are kissing, and a strangeness that just makes people want to touch it.

We’re thinking the Ieginchaku sea anemone could be the lava lamp of this generation. If you’d like to get your hands on one, you can order them from Amazon Japan for 2,500 yen (US$25). Choose from one of four colors and prepare to be hypnotized.

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Source: Excite News
Image: Amazon Japan