The top 3 women’s hairstyles that turn off Japanese men

There’s nothing worse than a bad haircut, especially if you are a girl. If you dare to cut your hair short and the results are more Miley Cyrus than Emma Watson, it’s going to be a rough couple of months of hat wearing. But what happens when you step out of the salon feeling amazing, only to find that your boyfriend hates your new ‘do? If you’re living in Japan, get your notepads ready! According to a survey conducted by Niconico News, the following are the top three least attractive haircuts for women, as chosen by men in Japan.

3 – Straight bangs

straight bangs

“My friend got straight bangs which she thought looked unique, but I didn’t think it looked good at all. I made the mistake of telling her that.” (male, 32)

“I feel like girls are trying too hard to be artsy when they get their bangs cut super straight.” (male, 26)

”If a girl has a chiseled face and thick, straight bangs, she looks like a Japanese doll.” (male, 27)

Bangs so long and straight that they completely cover a woman’s eyebrows came in at number three on our countdown of the least attractive haircuts for women, according to men. This is also a very popular style in Japan right now, making many men cringe as they walk down the street to a sea of their most hated hairstyle. To men, women with this hairstyle don’t look down to earth, often seeming to be trying too hard. Maybe the men are afraid of all those secrets they are hiding in those long frontal locks. The cut also reminds guys of a Japanese doll, which contrary to what you might think, is a turn off for them.

▼  There’s worse things to look like.

Japanese doll

2 – Very short

very short haircut

“It makes a girl’s head look strangely big.” (male, 46)

“If you’re not attractive, you’re going to just look like a man, so it’s best not to get this hairstyle if you can’t call yourself beautiful.” (male, 29)

The second least favorite cut of the bunch was the “very short” style. It’s understandable why this style is a turn off for men; no one wants to have the same haircut as their girlfriend. This is also a very bold style that is extremely hard to pull off, requiring women to have just the right features and face shape to look attractive with ultra short locks.

1 – Bob cut

Bob haircut

“For some reason, I feel like this cut isn’t flattering on a girl.” (male, 26)

“When a girl with black hair has a bob cut, it reminds me of a kappa. I don’t like it at all.” (male, 26)

Coming in at number one was the bob cut. It seems that men in Japan aren’t into the shorter, helmet head hair on their ladies. This cut is coming back in the Western world and is also quite popular in Japan, but it reminds many Japanese men of the Kappa, a mythological creature with a bowl-haircut that is often completely bald in the middle of its head. The kappa isn’t exactly associated with being sexy or cute, serving as a complete turnoff for guys in Japan. No one wants to see their girlfriend as a smelly green river imp, right?

▼  Statues of Kappa, a mythological river creature in Japanese folklore.kappa

So what do you think about these hairstyles? Are there worse ones out there or did the men in this survey get it right?

Source: Niconico News
Images: Hachima Kikou (featured image), Beauty Box (bob haircut), Beauty Box (very short haircut), Beauty Box (bangs haircut), (Wikipedia (kappa statues), Tamura Ningyou (Japanese doll)