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Proving that life on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean one without song, Tokyo-based musicians Sou and Kumama are on a mission to make everyone, and everything, sing. In this video, the quirky duo use nothing more than a pair of wooden spoons and an array of cheap, store-bought dishes to produce a startlingly high-quality rendition of none other than Mozart’s “Turkish March”.

Check out the full, insanely catchy video after the jump.

Champions of the home-made instrument and using regular kitchen items to make music – a process playfully dubbed “Dishphone” – Sou and Kumama have already built up quite the following here in Tokyo. If their performances are anywhere near as impressive to watch as the following video, it’s not hard to imagine why.

▼ What an awesome way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

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Well that’s one way to get around those “no musical instruments” tenancy rules!

We’ll leave you now with another couple of videos from the talented pair. If you speak Japanese and would like to find out more about Sou and Kumama, visit their official webpage here.

Source: YouTube Onlooker522