Currently underway at the new Shisedo Ginza Building in Tokyo is the Japan Original Beauty event which features a live talk with beauty professional Tadashi Harada. Harada, who works with Shisedo as one of their “Top Beauty Specialists” was the genius behind a series of portraits with models depicting characters from Hirohiko Araki’s manga masterpiece JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Many of these photos were seen before. First being released at an exhibition earlier this year entitled All Tadashi Harada!! Ver.5.0. However, three new characters have been added to the series. Avid fans of the series may be able to figure them out by squinting at the silhouettes in the group shot at the top.

Netizens by and large have been impressed with Harada’s already known crop of haute couture cosplay. Many celebrated the interpretations as being high quality and “surprisingly good…Shisedo did it!” Others complained about the use of women and that it was difficult to discern who the characters were. Some purists treated the models like straight cosplayers and pointed out inaccuracies such as Polnareff seemingly being merged with his/her Stand.

Of course there’s more to the Japan Original Beauty Exhibit than the works of Tadashi Harada, so stop on by and check out Shisedo’s event to celebrate their new building being held until 9 October.


Japan Original Beauty: Isshun mo Issho mo Utsukushiku
4-9 October, 2013
Hanatsubaki Hall, 3F, Shisedo Building
7-5-5 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Admission: Free

Source: Fashion Press via Itai News (Japanese)