Samsung is known the world over for its stylish, high-quality products, but we doubt that anyone could have predicted the latest creation from Korea’s premier electronics maker. Let us introduce you to a brand new range of eco-friendly printers that are all inspired by none other than the art of origami.

Samsung has announced that it is considering with of its three designs–all winners at this year’s International Design Excellence Awards–to transform into a finished product. At present, the designs only exist in prototype form, but if the printers were to go on sale we’re sure they would challenge our current concept of eco-friendliness like never before.

According to advertising and design site PSFK, assembling Samsung’s printers is as simple as folding along the dotted lines and pre-indented creases as though you were creating a piece of origami or just clipping some flatpack furniture into place. The three designs are currently known as the “Origami”, the “Clip” and the “Mate.”

We bet you’re wondering about the build quality and are doubtful that a bit of cardboard could really house the innards of a printer without falling to bits, but let us put your minds at rest by telling you that these printers are all designed to be incredibly robust.

While the printers have been designed with simplicity in mind, the visual style actually is also unexpectedly refined. If these printers were ever to make it onto shop shelves, it wouldn’t be difficult to see how they could be real eco-friendly contenders to the printers already on the market.

So exactly how do you go about using the printers?


First lets look at the “Origami” version. With this printer, it’s simply a case of folding to construct the box as directed on its sides and rear, and you’re done. What’s more, it’s made from 100-percent recyclable cardboard, so anyone conscious about the environment can feel at ease in that they’re doing their bit for Mother Nature.

Next is the “Clip” series


With this series of printer, it is also simply a case of doing a bit of folding as instructed, but this time around you also clip the parts in place – just as the name suggests. While on first inspection the design might look a bit complicated, the best part is that no tools are required in the assembly process.

And lastly…



The “Mate” version allows the user to change the color of the individual parts of the printer. Therefore, you can assemble a printer that is truly unique to your tastes and matches your office decor. Just select the colors that appeal to you and combine them to create the design that most suits you.

Which of the three printer designs would you most like to have in your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

Reference: psfk
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