2014.09.07 printer jj

Working hard every day in offices all over the world, the humble printer rarely gets its due. While the flashier (and sometimes more scandalous) 3-D printers tend to capture most of the attention, everyday office printers continue their humdrum existence just under the radar of most of the world.

But that all changed the other week when the Internet caught a glimpse of a printer seemingly catching its own paper as the sheets were about to fall to the ground. The printer, made by the Japanese company Kyocera, awed netizens worldwide and made them wonder if the Kyoto-based electronics manufacturer had other secret printer features.

The printer in question was caught on camera using either witchcraft or a secret Kyocera technique to catch the paper falling out of the tray after being printed. Take a look at the video to get an idea of why this little trick caught the eyes of netizens around the world.

Though most printers in this world seem bent on making each and every waking moment in our respective offices living hell with their error messages and driver update issues, this little printer was not only working without any problems, but it was even making sure there wouldn’t be any mess leftover. What a considerate printer to clean up after itself.

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2014.09.07 printer spaceGif: Tumblr (officespacefilm)

According to some net users in Japan, this printing trick is actually pretty common with this exact Kyocera printer model, leaving some to wonder if a Kyocera engineer designed this on purpose. Deliberate or not, this paper-catching trick certainly caused waves among printer fans on the Internet. And for the rest of us who deal with the unruly machines at work, it was a reminder that, yes, sometimes printers do actually work.

Feature image: YouTube (123123azza)
Source: Blogspot (honyakusitem)