So you’ve slain the mighty King of the Sky Rathalos in one or all of the Monster Hunter series of games, and you probably felt pretty satisfied the first time you did it. But something was missing, wasn’t it? Being simply a mere video game you couldn’t feast on the dragon’s meat like a true hunter should.

Now website Premium Bandai and cake maker Chara Shoku Net are offering monster hunters a chance to live that dream with the King of the Sky Rathalos Cake which comes with a knife in the likeness of the Epitaph Blade.

Orders for these cakes are being taken now and will continue as long as supplies last. A cake and knife set costs 4,980 yen (US$50) plus shipping. Orders will be delivered around November of this year.

The makers of this cake wanted to preserve the true flavor of a dragon which, as we all know, tastes like chocolate and strawberries. The Rathalos cake is a roll of sponge cake wrapped in a crepe simulating the texture of skin. On top we have strawberry and chocolate cream fashioned into the shape of the Rathalos’ armor-like shell. To add depth to the armor plating, cocoa and raspberry powder is used.

Inside the neck, strawberry cream is used to simulate the fleshy innards and a rod of white bean paste is used to recreate the Rathalos’ spinal cord.

To cut such a powerful cake you will need to fashion a mighty cake knife. Luckily, when you order the King of Sky Rathalos Cake you will also be equipped with a stainless steel Epitaph Blade to slice it up. The great sword also comes with a stand designed after the one used by the blacksmith in the upcoming Monster Hunter 4.

Actually, the website recommends using a proper cake knife to ensure a clean cut. However, this is one of those cases when playing with your food would be okay. Besides, this cake isn’t meant for dandies. It’s for monster hunters!

Source: Premium Bandai via My Game News Flash (Japanese)

▼ See, it really does give 49 pionts!