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Following its announcement last week, Nintendo’s newest hardware, the 2DS, has been causing quite a stir among gaming fans worldwide. Opinions have been flying left and right, some positive and some negative, for this kid-friendly device. Is it a waste of time and energy making a product that’s a downgrade from that which already exists? Or is this a good solution for parents who want to buy their young children an affordable, portable gadget?

But before all this domestic kerfuffle, one gifted Twitter user can now say that he predicted this very predicament a full two years before the new hardware was even a twinkle in the eye of its developer.

Back in 2011, this guy had Nintendo’s game system value plan pegged from the get-go!


He remarked that after the price of the 3DS fell (which it did on August 11, 2011), Nintendo would be left searching for an option even more alluring to get people to continue to buy their products. And what better way than an even cheaper handheld? Given the trend in marketing research back in 2011 and the fact that consumers were not exactly bowled over by the 3DS’s 3D function during its first couple of years, the tweet assumed that the DS team would come to the conclusion that they needed…Ta-dah: A 2DS!

Whether you like the idea of the 2DS as a simpler, cheaper platform for younger players, or wish that Nintendo had thought a bit harder before bringing this less functional product into the world, there’s probably no one out there more smug than this Japanese Twitter user.

Maybe we should all start looking to the Twittersphere for predictions on future game consoles? Any other clairvoyant with predictions about the PS4 and XBox One?

Source: ToGech
Top image: Nintendo