Ever felt like you just really needed to be a dragon for a day or two? Maybe wish you could look the part when on a rampage at the office or in your school quad? Calgary Cosplay is here to help with their newly-released dragon suit specially designed to make your dreams a reality!


Sold on their online webshop, these incredibly detailed outfits come complete with scales, wings, and hood. The claws at the ends of the sleeves are detachable, as is the Velcro tail. They’re only available in a medium size, but you get your choice of the black, more mature color scheme or the fun and freewheeling rainbow version. As these hoodies are handcrafted, the price is a bit steep at CA$399.99 (that’s about US$387.00), though depending on how badly you need to be a dragon, it may well be worth it.


Sadly, though Japan is the place to go for some of the weirdest styles to grace public streets, this hoodie may still be a bit too outlandish to become the next biggest trend on the crosswalks of Shibuya. However, one train stop away in Harajuku might be right up your fire-breathing alley.

Dragonhide is not the only cool vestment this creative company pedals! Check out a few of their other fashionable accessories:

▼The Nyan Cat Scarf is a great addition for when you’re feeling lolzy.


▼Or for your fabulous days, you could wear your Unicorn Hoodie instead!


▼And their new Panda Hoodie is just about the cutest thing out there, especially the paw mittens.


Source: NetLab
Inset images: CanadaCosplay