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Who here is a fan of ‘90s punk rock? How about old school gaming from the NES and Sega Genesis eras? If you have an interest in one or both, there’s a new album up on Bandcamp, music community and selling outlet for self-releasing musical artists, called Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 1. Tracks include popular punk hits from well-known artists, such as Blink 182, Less Than Jake, and The Offspring as you’ve never heard them before. Better yet, they’re absolutely free!

As the group name would imply, all of the songs released by Punk Goes 8-Bit are punk rock classics transcribed into the chiptune format used with early computers and game consoles. The 12-song album can be streamed in its entirety on the its Bandcamp page. The song list is as follows:

01:Strung Out – Too Close To See (8-Bit)
02:Blink 182 – Lemmings (8-Bit)
03:Less Than Jake – 9th At Pine (8-Bit)
04:Pennywise – Land of the Free (8-Bit)
05:Face To Face – Icons (8-Bit)
06:No Use For A Name – Justified Black Eye (8-Bit)
07:Pulley – Gone (8-Bit)
08:The Queers – Tamara Is a Punk (8-Bit)
09:MxPx – My Mom Still Cleans My Room (8-Bit)
10:The Offspring – No Brakes (8-Bit)
11:Lagwagon – Know It All (8-Bit)
12:NOFX – We Ain’t Shit (8-Bit)

What’s more, those who click “Buy Now” in bold are given the opportunity to download the full album at any given price. Even those who input $0 will receive all 12 songs for free in any and all musical formats, though obviously, the creator appreciates those who donate a fair price for his product.

Some of you might already be aware of this awesome throwback to ‘90s punk and 8-bit games, as the album topped the punk charts on Bandcamp soon after its release and remains in the site’s top ten for the genre. But, prior knowledge gives you no excuse not to check it out again! According to the creator, the next two 8-bit punk compilations—aptly named Level 2 and Level 3—are already complete and scheduled for release within the next couple weeks.

If nothing else, check out Punk Goes 8-Bit for the nostalgia factor and if you like it, take advantage of the download feature and expect more soon!

Reference: Punk Goes 8-Bit on Bandcamp

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