shika 1

We’ve all no doubt heard of the polite deer in the city of Nara that have learned to bow their heads to tourists in order to get food, but did you know that they also obey the law and know how to cross the road properly?

Check out these photos for one incredibly cute example of how to use a pedestrian crossing!

Taken by a Western tourist in Japan near Nara Park, the following series of photos shows one little deer patiently waiting on the opposite side of the road while the light was red. Other tourists, too, began snapping the little fellow but it remained rooted to the spot simply watching the road.

shika 1

▼ “Oh, a red light. OK, better wait.”

shika 2

▼ “Man, these things just aren’t changing.”

shika 3

▼ “Okay, now we go!”

shika 4

▼ “‘scuse me…”

shika 5

▼ Bravo, little one! You just set a great example and looked cute all the the same time.

shika 6

So remember, kids, if a cute little deer can cross the road properly, so can you! Besides, if you want to get the best photos you’ll stand on the opposite side to watch them anyway…

Source/images: Kaigai no Omira via Hachima Kikou (Japanese)