Tag is a childhood game loved worldwide although known by different names depending on the region, and Japan is no exception. Here the game is known as oni gokko (demon play) and follows the same rules aside for the “it” person being called oni, which translates to a demon but is probably more akin to an ogre.

If you happen to be in the Gunma area this month and want to relive some childhood fun playing a classic game, Gunma University and J.League soccer team Thespa Kustasu Gunma are working to set up a Guinness World Record breaking game of Oni Gokko.

This potentially record-breaking game was thought up by the Faculty of Information Science at Gunma University at the request of Thespa to help drum up attendance. Their goal is to surpass the current season attendance record of 6,800 people.

The game takes place on 27 October in the field adjacent to Shoda Shouyu Stadium in Maebashi City. The only requirement to participate is that you attend the Division 2 game versus Fagiano Okayama afterwards. Admission is 500 yen (US$5) for anyone over 18, children get in free but must be accompanied by an adult.

The game is a finite version of Oni Gokko in which when a person is touched they become oni (it) and the person touching also remains oni. The game ends when all participants are oni.

Afterwards participants will move over to the soccer game in which all students (elementary to university) get free admission. The final Guinness World Record results will be announced at halftime of that game.

The current record for game of tag was set in Toyama Prefecture in 2011 with a game involving 1,566 people. This game is hoping to eclipse that by drawing 2,020 people. So if you’re young at heart or looking to overcome a germ phobia head on down and join the fun!

Source: Yomiuri (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia