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In the wake of its limited edition corn soup-flavoured brethren, a new Garigari-kun popsicle is rumoured to be hitting Japan’s freezers any day now. There has yet to be any official announcement from the famous popsicles’ maker Akagi, but one netizen recently spotted what looks like an ad for, of all things, a potato stew-flavoured ice cream. More details after the jump!

Alongside the standard soda and pear flavours of Garigari-kun popsicles, Garigari-kun Rich are unusual, often seasonal varieties that always cause a great deal of fuss whenever they arrive. We thought that an iced treat packed with corn was about as weird as desserts could get, but it looks like Akagi has found a way to get weirder.

In what appears to be a collaboration with Japan’s Kurea Obaasan (Grandma Clare) Stews, this new Garigari-kun not only tastes like everyone’s favourite creamy winter warmer, but even includes, um, pieces of potato

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Judging from the packaging, purchasers of these new popsicles are also in with a chance to win a limited edition Garigari-kun Stew T-shirt. Quite when they’d wear it we have no idea, but since Garigari-kun is considered to be something of a national treasure here in Japan, we can imagine the shirts going for a pretty penny on eBay!

We’ll be sure to bring you a full taste analysis of this peculiar new popsicle as soon as it goes on sale.

Source: Itai News (Japanese)
Images: Twitter