Could this be the dream ice cream we’ve been searching for?

When it comes to ice creams and frozen popsicles in Japan, local company Akagi Nyugyo is one of the nation’s biggest names, known for popular treats like Garigari-kun, Sof’ and Milcrea.

The company is also known for its skill at replicating unusual flavours with surprising accuracy — as seen in Garigari-kun’s spaghetti and tamagoyaki omelette popsicles — so when our Japanese-language reporter Go Hatori caught sight of their latest product at the supermarket, he immediately reached into the freezer to make a purchase.

▼ Priced at 105 yen (US$0.96) each, these looked so tasty Go actually bought five of them.

The new icy desserts demand attention with their bright packaging and an image of French toast in the centre. Why French Toast? Because this is the French Toast-Style Ice Bar, and according to the packaging, it also contains “pie and maple sauce”.

Go’s mouth began to water just by looking at the packaging, which promised an ice cream that not only tastes like French toast, but looks like it too.

▼ Look at that maple sauce centre!

Taking a look at the nutritional information, Go was surprised to see that this decadent treat contained only 129 kilocalories. Given that a Garigari-kun popsicle, which is basically just water and sugar, contains around 64 kilocalories per bar, the creamy-looking French toast wasn’t too much of a guilty indulgence in terms of iced desserts.

Low calories doesn’t always equate to great taste, though, so Go decided not to get his hopes up as he slowly unsheathed the ice cream from its packaging.

▼ Woah, in terms of looks, Go was immediately impressed. It looked just like buttered toast!

Go braced his teeth for the icy impact and took a huge bite to ensure he got some of that maple syrup centre in his mouth for a proper first taste.

▼ Mission accomplished!

So how was it, Go?

Um, Go?

Our reporter had closed his eyes and was far away, enveloped in a world of sweetness. Once he’d managed to come back to Earth, he opened his eyes for a moment and muttered “Is this…purin?” before taking another bite.

After his second bite, Go whispered, “Is it a pancake?” as he delved in for a third bite.

And that’s when he finally opened his eyes wide and grinned at us with excitement, gleefully exclaiming to everyone in the office, “It’s French toast! It’s unmistakably French toast!!!!!!!!!!” 

Go was genuinely surprised at how spot-on the flavour was, and was amazed to find that the ice cream actually tasted like bread. All the sweet, buttery, bready components of French toast were there on the palate, only in ice-cold form.

This was an amazing, supremely satisfying ice cream that delivers exactly what it claims to on the package. Go, who now thinks the people at Akagi Nyugyo are actual wizards, highly recommends trying the French Toast Ice Bar before it sells out, because ice creams this good don’t tend to stay around for long.

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