Late last month 51-year-old resident of Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Kazuhiko Shirasaka, allegedly called together a camping party with around 30 other people including 62-year-old Naofumi Katsuragawa who lived in nearby Ikeda Town. Little did they know, these young rascals would be cooking up the makings of an after-school special, if late-middle-aged people still went to school.

The party kicked off on the evening of 28 September and would run into the next day. Those in attendance were indulging in marijuana both by smoking as well as by battering and frying it into crispy cannabis tempura.

The following is a dramatic reenactment of the events of the party based on what we know about the effects of pot.

Either there was large amount of smoking going on or the ragtime was a little too loud as someone sent in a report to the police of a “marijuana party in progress at the campsite.”

Luckily, police had arrived on the scene before the mandatory woman-jumping-out-window and man-pointing-judgmental-finger portions of the party could take place. They arrested Shirasaka and Katsuragawa for violating the Cannabis Control Act along with 40-year-old Takao Iwasaki of Aichi Prefecture.

Shirasaka and Iwasaki both face charges of possession of a controlled substance while Katsuragawa is also accused of growing 97 cannabis plants at his home. Also, in standard police protocol, officers likely told the other party-goers, who were in their 40s and 50s, that they would be contacting their folks who would be “mighty sore” at them.

So remember kids, if you don’t talk to your parents about the dangers of weed tempura, the next arrest could happen to your mother, or your father, or yours, or yours… or yooooouuuuurrrrrsss…

Source: Yomiuri Online (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Gabriel Not

Top Image: Wikipedia – JonRichfield