Karate is a martial art which takes a high level of discipline and training to master. Those who make it to the highest ranks of the fighting technique deserve all of the respect and honor that comes along with such a position.

That being said, watching an official karate tournament on TV tends to rank somewhere around pro-bowling and bass fishing in terms of excitement. This is why seeing a video like the one on YouTube titled “Karate referee gets into the fight” is too good to be true!

The video starts out very normally with the two fighters trading blows much like they would in an NHL fight and a film crew standing inside the ring. Then the ref seems out of sorts and begins holding his head. A moment later he springs into action taking out the guy in white in one solid punch to the jaw and then brushes off the blue guy with a swift kick.

This rampage gets the assistant refs off their chairs to restrain the beastly rogue ref as the extra judges watch without any reaction whatsoever. Even the film crew somehow manages to restrain their fear and keep all the action in frame and the boom mic steady.

The ref’s rage seems endless as an entire group of his colleagues tries to calm him down. They somehow managed to keep a clear line of sight with the camera as well. If only all sports put this priority on home viewer satisfaction over their own well being.

After a few more seconds the ref seems to calm down and everyone applauds the successful diffusing of a dramatic and volatile situation. Man, this is the best thing to happen to competitive karate since Will Smith’s kid did that movie! They should probably make a film about this incident too. It’d probably do well.

Source: YouTube
Original Story by Hatori GO

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