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Hate tomato juice? Maybe you’ll like sparkling tomato juice.

Kagome, a Japanese manufacturer of fruit and vegetable juices, has just announced the sale of Tomash, a carbonated tomato beverage. The drink is made from a combination of tomato juice mixed with lemon and ginger ale, and believe it or not, it’s back by popular demand.

This time, Tomash comes in a plastic bottle (the first installment of Kagome’s strange drink came in a can). We’re wondering if this time around the taste might be improved now that there’s no chance of the acidic tomato reacting with the metal can. Tomash is also supercharged with more carbonation, making for a fizzier tomato drinking experience.

With 10 percent vegetable juice and an equal amount of fruit juice, if Tomash isn’t tasty, it’s at least a healthier alternative to soda and a fun way to get some extra vitamins.

Source: IT Media
Image: Kagome