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If the Japanese media hadn’t bothered to point it out, we never would have even realized the newest model for American fashion boot (that’s a thing?) manufacturer Luan is none other than comedian and former tasteless gay stereotype “Hard Gay”.

We’re still looking at the promotional photos and rubbing our eyes in disbelief. It turns out that, when he made the surprise announcement in June this year that he had decided to go into modelling, the former entertainer wasn’t kidding around.

Gone are the huge sunglasses and leather vests and wristbands of Hard Gay (pictured above); this young man is taking his new role incredibly seriously.


Hard Gay, aka Masaki Sumitani, had only recently announced he would be shifting from professional wrestling and comedy to modeling – since his outing as a straight man resulted in the career death of the Hard Gay character and a severe foot injury crippled his wrestling career – but the speed of the transition can almost certainly be attributed to his, HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THOSE ABS!



Okay, so it’s safe to say the guy has sort of been suited for modeling all along, but we were all too blinded by his outrageous pelvic gyrations to see it. And the gig couldn’t have come at a better time for Sumitani himself, who, according to his own testimony, was only making the equivalent of US$70 a month after both his comedy and wrestling careers had fallen by the wayside; because apparently Sumitani was perfectly comfortable grinding his crotch into people’s faces for money, but fancied himself above bagging groceries.

Still, we have to say we think he’s found his calling. Dude looks legit.


Source: Hachima Kikou
Photos: Luan