Top man in the company is intimately involved in product testing.

It’s conceivable that there are some companies whose top executives aren’t necessarily personal fans of the products their organizations sell, but rather see them in a pure business commodity sense. Koichi Matsumoto, though, is not such a person.

Matsumoto is the president of Tenga, Japan’s largest masturbatory aid manufacturer. It’s not exactly the kind of career one just comes into by chance, and Matsumoto is a businessman who’s truly committed to providing the highest quality offerings he can. In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Shin R25, he revealed a shocking example of his dedication to his job.

▼ Photos of Matsumoto, wearing a T-shirt with a pair of cherries on it, during the interview

Any consumer product manufacturer’s offerings need to be thoroughly tested, and in many companies, that’s a task the top boss would hand off entirely to other people. Not Matsumoto, though, as the 56-year-old president revealed that he personally tests each and every new Tenga model before it goes on sale in stores.

Of course, that means that Matsumoto also ends up testing a lot of prototypes that don’t make it into production too. Making his schedule even harder is the fact that sometimes Tenga will plan to roll out multiple new models around the same time, which means that Matsumoto can’t just call it a day after he’s found one that meets his standards. As he recalls:

“One time we had 48 prototypes, and the staff said ‘President Matsumoto, we want to decide on which five to put into production by tomorrow morning.’ That was really hard to pull off.”

What’s more, Matsumoto doesn’t want to test prototypes in a cold, sterile lab at the factory, since that’s not how customers are going to use Tenga’s products. Instead, he tests them in the comfort and privacy of his own home. In the case of the marathon testing incident mentioned above, he says he started around midnight, and it wasn’t until five o’clock in the morning that, hand trembling, he decided on the fifth member of the new product launch lineup. Realizing that that’s not a pace most people would be able to maintain, he adds that he “used medicine” in order to achieve the physical conditions necessary test so many prototypes within that time frame.

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Matsumoto shows a startling amount of candor, but again, you probably don’t become the president of a company about Tenga if you’ve got a self-conscious streak. “Sexual desire isn’t a shameful thing,” Matsumoto goes on to say. I want to tell everyone that it’s one of the joys of life. That’s the kind of world I want to make.”

You could say that’s a dramatic way of describing what Tenga’s products are, but given that this is the same company that launched a rocket into space not too long ago, it makes sense that Matsumoto is always thinking big and working hard.

Source: Twitter/@TENGA_PR via Hachima Kiko
Top image: PR Times
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