When life hands you a lemon of a comedy partner, make Lemon Jam!

Nishida Ad is an exciting new service by the Tokyo-based start-up Lemon Jam. It promises an unprecedented and unparalleled level of advertising penetration thanks to the lackadaisical lifestyle of comedian Nishida.

However, before we get into the nitty gritty of this revolutionary ad service, let’s meet the brains behind Lemon Jam and Nishida Ad.

Saya is the founder, president, and acting CEO of Lemon Jam, a company she established in February of 2021. Having graduated from the prestigious Sophia University, where she majored in Spanish, Saya joined the workforce while at the same time becoming one half of the manzai (Japanese comedy duo) Lalande. Even after reaching the semi-finals in the M1 Grand Prix national comedy competition, Saya still maintains her full-time job, CEO duties at Lemon Jam, and is currently venturing into a music career.

Lemon Jam’s sole employee is Nishida, who also attended Sophia University briefly but then dropped out. After “hanging around” for a while, he applied again to Sophia University and was accepted, but then dropped out again. As a result, he boasts an impressive six-year career as a high school graduate. Nishida is also the other half of the comedy duo Lalande, where he is hard at work behind the scenes sabotaging their chances of success, both by being constantly late to gigs and doing absolutely nothing interesting in his free time that might influence comedic bits.

It’s exactly this sedate and self-destructive lifestyle that inspired Saya to launch Nishida Ad on 29 March. Harnessing Nishida’s awesome powers of inactivity, she came up with the idea to reserve ad space on his backpack, so as he lumbers aimlessly around town companies can let their services be seen.

For just 50,000 yen (US$408) a month, your brand can tag along with Nishida as he walks to jobs at various high-profile radio and TV studios in Tokyo. Nishida also occasionally is sent to rural parts of the country for comedic segments, offering an incredibly diverse range of visibility especially around public smoking areas, where he spends most of his time outdoors.

In addition, your company can gain access to one of the most exclusive areas for advertising in the country: Nishida’s home!

Not only will your company be the only one promoted inside his apartment, but this is also where your ad will spend most of its time. By the end of the month, Nishida is pretty much guaranteed to want to buy your product or service, provided he was able to find enough work to afford it.

▼ If you see this “advertisers wanted” sign walking around Tokyo, you’ve just been Nishida-Added!

Considering that this news is arriving near April Fools’ Day, it is important to clarify that this is not a joke… I mean, it is a joke in the sense that it’s a couple of comedians doing something funny, but this service is real and has even partnered with the advertising firm Maru Ichi, to assist in ad development.

So, if you would like your business promoted on the back of a debatably professional entertainer, call Lemon Jam today and take advantage of what might be the next wave in marketing!

Source, images: PR Times
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