We can’t think of a model who’d be more on-model to model this model of PC, alongside these many other models.

If you were in the adult comedy TV loop in the 2000s you may have come across The Fuccons, a delightfully surreal arrangement of comedy sketches known to Japanese audiences as Oh! Mikey. The titular Mikey is your average all-American youth, though he and his family live in Japan. The catch is that Mikey — and his family, and indeed everyone else in their universe — is a frozen mannequin with a fixed facial expression. Every episode, regardless of ending, finishes up with a spate of raucous laughter from every character onscreen. And did we mention it’s an adult comedy?

▼ Though originally Japanese, the series was dubbed into English by ADV in 2005.

The Fuccons are so fantastically bizarre that they’re a perfect candidate to advertise all manner of products, and their latest commercial collaboration is with Mouse, a company that specializes in custom-built PC models. This commercial line features a surprise cameo guest, and for the first time it’s someone who isn’t sculpted out of wax…or at least, so we’re told.

Starring in the ads as Mikey’s hitherto unmentioned older brother is Matt Kuwata, a male model who is famous for his haunting gamine features and ethereal use of make-up and filters. When Matt stands still, he can very easily pass for a Fuccon himself.

▼ The commercials, titled Oh! Mouse, span three episodes.

Apparently Matt was a perfect fit on set and didn’t feel awkward at all when posed along his inert co-stars, joking that “I feel more at home here than with my actual father!” The director and creator of the Fuccon franchise, Yoshimasa Ishibashi, also teased that he was certain Matt must have featured in the show before to act so naturally in the ads.

In fact, he was such a perfect fit that Ishibashi formally asked him to become Mikey’s real older brother. You’ll be happy to hear that Matt accepted, making him a true-blue member of Japan’s favorite American family consisting entirely of wax mannequins.

But what does the star of the show have to say about the latest acquisition to his family? Mikey spilled all his feelings in a behind-the-scenes interview.

“I’m really happy [to have an older brother], but I admit it’s hard to take in… Mainly because there’s a 17-year age gap between us. I’m not sure what I can talk with him about other than make-up and beauty things…”

When asked what kind of big brother Mikey would like Matt to be, he kept it simple: “I want him to be a nice, kind big brother who does regular collaborations and PR appearances for us.”

Matt’s history with starring in commercials has yielded some very peculiar results so far, but he seems strangely at home in this venture. Maybe he’ll show up again if the Fuccons ever come back for another season!

Source, images: Press Release, YouTube
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