2013.12.2 tent 2

We here at RocketNews24 are no strangers to finding new ways to both keep warm and save a few yen on our heating bill through the harsh winter months, but our friends in South Korea, encouraged by a recent unusually cold spurt, have found an ingenious way to lower their thermostat and stay toasty all night—indoor tents. And the tents are becoming so popular that some retailers are selling out!

As South Korea worries about possible power blackouts throughout the winter from six of its 23 nuclear reactors being shut down, people are looking for clever ways to save energy and keep warm. The tents seem like a good way to help out in bringing electricity use down in the upcoming cold months.

The tents starting flying off shelves after a few days of frigid temperatures across Korea in the past week, with one maker saying that they sold 4 million tents in just two weeks! Another manufacturer is rushing to make more as thousands of tents are on back order.

According to one tent buyer, they were able to halve their monthly heating bill with a 40,000 won (US$37) tent. The customer claimed that while the temperature in their room was a cool 19 degrees, inside the tent was a toasty 23 degrees.

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2013.12.2 tent 2

2013.12.2 tent

Would you be willing to give a bedroom tent a try this winter? We have to admit, there is something decidedly appealing about the idea of building a little bed igloo to climb into each night!

Source/Images: Toychan Net