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Clever design even takes into account how to keep you entertained during those long, lonely nights.

Just the other day we looked at the Crazy X, a cross-shaped four-person tent with a common area meeting space from Japanese camping equipment company Doppelganger Outdoor. But what if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, in that your night spent outdoors is going to be a strictly solo affair?

If so, Doppelganger Outdoor is once again happy to accommodate your needs with the Gap Tent, a single-person sleeping space.

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The Gap Tent doesn’t get its name because its makers expect you to slip into a pair of khakis before bedding down for the night, but because the compact design allows it to fit into the tiniest of spaces.

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While the Gap Tent is 217 centimeters (85 inches) in length, it’s a cozy 79 centimeters at the shoulders and just 45 centimeters in width at the feet, which makes it easy to fit between rows of other tents or at the extreme edge of designated camping spaces. While it looks like it’d be a handy piece of gear for people going on long hikes alone, Doppelganger Japan’s primary target market is people going to multi-day outdoor musical festivals by themselves who don’t want to leave their tent unattended while checking out the acts, but are worried about not having enough space to set up a regular-sized tent when they’re ready to call it a day.

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Since you obviously won’t have anyone to talk to once you’re inside the tent, the inner lining is outfitted with straps to hold a smartphone, so that you can use it to pass the time as we all do on lonely, restless nights.

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A mesh cover helps keep everything ventilated, and there’s even a space just outside the tent where you can keep your shoes somewhat protected from the elements.

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Like the Crazy X, the Gap Tent’s main support pitches with a simple umbrella-like operation, and it fits into a carry case that makes it extremely easy to transport the 1.3-kilogram (2.9-pound) bundle.

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Doppelganger Outdoor lists the Gap Tent at 12,400 yen (US$110) on its website, but it can be ordered from Amazon Japan and Rakuten at prices as low as 8,200 yen, giving you that much more cash to put towards concert tickets.

Source, images: Doppelganger Japan