Pop-up design lets you feel like a king in whichever part of your home you claim for your castle of gaming, web-surfing, or reading solitude.

Tokyo-based office supply company King Jim’s product lineup primarily consists of file folders, clipboards, and other items for the workplace. But with a name like King Jim, you might also expect a little personal luxury, and the company’s latest item provides you with the means to stake out your own little kingdom by instantly turning a section of your home or office into a private PC booth.

King Jim bills its new Zestransir mobile compartment as “a tent so that you can be all alone.” Made of polyester over a collapsible frame, the Zestransir is essentially a pop-up tent, but with a 130-centimeter (51-inch) square base and height of 150 centimeters. When not deployed, the room folds up into a disc-shaped bag.

However, the Zestransir isn’t an entirely closed-off cube. There’s no floor, and while that means it’s pretty much only for indoor use, it also means that you can put the 2.7-kilogram (5.9-pound) compartment over your PC desk, TV, or whatever other area you wish to turn into your private dominion. King Jim boasts that it gives you the feeling of a personal booth at a PC cafe without ever having to leave your home.

In addition to a floor-to-ceiling zipper door, there’s also a side window and roof opening that can be zipped out to let in more light or air. There’s no sound-deadening, however, so you’ll want to bring a pair of headphones with you inside if you plan on watching or playing something you don’t want anyone in earshot to hear (and also bear in mind that the fabric isn’t 100-percent opaque).

▼ When folded up, the tent’s carrier bag measures just 59 centimeters in diameter.

King Jim boasts that when all the windows are zipped up, the tent retains heat, making it a a viable seclusion option during the cold months ahead. If this looks like the sort of place you’d like to hide out in, the Zestransir tent is priced at 6,480 yen (US$60), and can be purchased online through Rakuten here.

Source: Rakuten/Gekigaku via IT Media
Images: Rakuten/Gekigaku
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