This is totally random, but if anyone ever told you that their pee is purple, they’re outright liars. According to the medical experts at the Cleveland Clinic, it’s possible to have reddish, brownish or even green pee (though neither of these are healthy pee colors), but nope, definitely not purple.

Also, did we mention that the hue of your piddle actually gives you a hint on your current health condition? Here’s a super easy health check that will cost you no money, and barely any time. So go ahead and empty your bladder, then check against the color guide after the jump!

Pee Color

Thanks to the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, the mystery of purple pee is now busted! Do keep in mind that this is just a general guideline, and there are many health symptoms that may not show up in the color of your tinkle, so don’t bet your life on it! Be sure to consult a medical practitioner if you feel uncomfortable or if your pee starts glowing in the dark. Stay healthy, folks!

Source: Jandan
Image: Is He Serious, Cleveland Clinic