One of the most iconic scenes from the recent Iron Man films is that of the Jarvis-infused suit attaching itself to Tony Stark as the billionaire walks, falls, or just stands around looking sexy. It might be one of the coolest ways of getting dressed in the history of cinema, but, if we’re being honest, we always thought something could be done to make it appeal a bit more to shojo anime fans.

Well, thanks to a team of South Korean college students, our dreams have been answered…and we can finally find out what a Sailor Moon-style Iron Man transformation would look like. Spoiler alert: Freaking amazing!

The awesome 3-D animation video was created by the college students for their animation studies–and it might just be the best thing to ever come out of the Korean college system.

The video opens with the Korean Sailor Moon logo and then cuts to an adorable (and surprisingly accurate) 3-D version of Tony Stark holding out his hand for the Arc Reactor in perfect imitation of a Sailor Moon transformation! As Sailor Moon music plays, the suit attaches itself to Tony and a glowing white heart swirls around the superhero playboy. The best way we can describe it is to say that it’s absolutely mesmerizing!


▼ We don’t think Tony’s looked this happy since he stopped an alien invasion.


▼ His sexy charm shines through no matter the medium!


▼ Iron Man armor: Good for the battlefield or the runway!


▼ Ha-cha-cha!


▼ And then, yep, this happens.


Okay, some things simply need to be seen to be believed, so check out the video for yourself below!

If anyone from Disney is watching, we think we know who you’ll be hiring next! We are glad to offer our services for free if it means 100 percent more Sailor Moon-style Iron Man in your future movies, but a 10% finder’s fee will be gladly accepted…

Of course, some of you may not have seen Sailor Moon before, so here’s a compilation of one of the character’s various transformations. We have to say, the Iron Man suit assembly matches incredibly well!

If Ultron and Iron Man end up duking it out to some rad 90s anime music in the next Avengers movie, you’ll know where to send the letters of gratitude!

Source: ITMedia
Images: YouTube