This tatami mat platform with built-in vibration speakers promises the ultimate sound experience

Don’t just listen to music; feel it with your body!

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Osaka convenience store asks customers to muffle their “buree-buree” sounds while in the toilet


Request met with mixed reaction from praising its frankness to pointing out the impossibility of it.

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Japan’s Kodo taiko group creates awesome new performance with 3D sound technology

The stunning sound and visuals in this new clip are designed to transport viewers to a Japanese festival as part of a new website for foreign tourists.

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Survey suggests the top sounds of 2013 in Japan

Let’s see… We got Amazon sales, YouTube videos, pet breeds, video games, and search terms. What else can we rank up for this newest of new years?

How about something a little less quantifiable like sounds? Rion Co. asked 1,000 Japanese people what sounds linger most in their minds when looking back at 2013. Two years ago, the sounds of the Olympics were stuck in people’s heads. A year before that it was the Tohoku Earthquake. Now, here are the 10 most resonant sounds of 2013.

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