Ramen is a popular comfort food in Japan because, unlike many Japanese foods, there’s very little formality in eating it, it’s not especially good for you and therefore tastes wonderful, and you’re generally free to customize to your heart’s content, choosing a broth of your liking and then heaping on the toppings until you can barely see the noodles if you so desire.

Spicy ramen varieties aren’t uncommon, either, with many popular chains such as Ichiran offering customizable spiciness levels from one to ten. Of course, if you’re the right combination of bored, crazy and rich, you can pay extra to exceed the tenth level of spiciness; right on up to 200 times normal.


When filling out his order sheet, this Japanese Ichiran diner with a death wish apparently asked for 200 times the normal spiciness on his ramen and, for some reason, his request was granted. This is the kind of thing you’d need to sign a health waiver for at most places, but the employees at this location apparently decided to call the diner’s bluff and emptied a seemingly random – but huge – amount of ichimi karashi pepper on top of his ramen dish.

▼ The ramen order form. Spiciness is selected in the line second from bottom, with diners choosing from no spice at all, 0.5, regular, double the heat, or writing in the amount they desire.

order form

It’s safe to say this is abnormal ramen consuming behavior and it’s probably liable to give you a stomach ulcer, but if you want to be the first to try 300 times spiciness at Ichiran, be our guest.


Source: Nikita Sokuhou