Last year, we introduced an illustration guide book that teaches you how to draw men’s butts. They’re like green peppers, remember? Well, scrap that. If you can’t draw butts, here’s a nifty trick that’ll give your manga darlings a sexy tush that looks so real, it’s literally 3D art. All you need is your fingers! Details after the cut!

So, how do we go about achieving realistic looking bottoms? The trolling geniuses behind the Chinese entertainment website Gaoxiaoo came up with this wonderful shortcut. Basically, the trick is to not draw the buttocks. If you’re not good at it, skip it totally. That sure sounds legit, doesn’t it? Not only should you avoid drawing the buttocks, you should carefully cut a hole in your drawing right where the bottom should be. Next, position your fingers behind the cutout, and voila! An instant 3D butt on your 2D illustration!


▼ Positioning of the “cleavage” is a crucial factor that affects how realistic it looks!pJ2Znp_ekZ6Vp6U






▼ Works great for creating bust cleavages too!



All right, to be honest, nobody would want to read a manga that is full of holes, so budding manga artists, we wouldn’t recommend this as an alternative. Practice makes perfect! But we’ll have to admit that this cutout butt trick does seem pretty fun! It’s interesting how the gaps between fingers can make these illustrations looks so wrong yet so right at the same time. Time to get creative!

Illustrations by Haruhiko
Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Gaoxiaoo