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While eating sweets is always a pleasure, at least for this writer, making them yourself can be quite a tricky matter, can’t it? But if you’re one of the people with skills in the kitchen who enjoys making desserts, you may want to check these videos out. They show you how to create sweet snacks that look so adorable, you’ll almost feel bad eating them!

The videos, presented by American actress Rosanna Pansino on her YouTube cooking program Nerdy Nummies, show you how to make various snacks modeled after anime and game characters. Pansino was actually named winner this year in the Food Category of the Shorty Awards, which recognize achievement in short-form work on social media sites, so it’s no wonder that the videos of her sweet creations have been noticed here in Japan as well.

▼ Shorty Award winner Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube show, Nerdy Nummies

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If you, like the majority of the human population (including myself), are fond of tasty-looking food, you’ll probably find that all the numerous treats Pansino cooks up in her videos look incredibly yummy. A few of them in particular, however, have been introduced in a story now circulating on the Japanese Internet, and not only do they make your mouth water, they’re positively gorgeous to look at!

Not surprisingly, the video showing how to make macaroons in the shape of that much-loved anime character Totoro seems to be the one that has attracted the most attention. Japanese Internet users appear to have been genuinely impressed with the quality of Pansino’s confectionery recreation of the forest spirit from Studio Ghibli’s famous anime. And once you see the finished product, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree too.

▼ See how the beautiful macaroons are made in the video below

▼ The finished Totoro macaroons, and the black susuwatari soot spirits from the same anime also in adorable macaroon form

Nummies totoro

Pansino’s fun and artful creations in the shape of the Star from Super Mario Brothers, as well as Kirby from the Nintendo game series have also been noted by Japanese Internet users as further examples of her work.

▼ Mario Stars made from rice crispies

Nummies star pop

▼ Irresistibly cute Kirby macaroons with varying expressions

Nummies Kirby

▼ A closer look at one of Kirby’s smiling faces

Nummies Kirby closeup

▼ And for the chefs out there, here are the videos showing the cooking process for the two sweets

Well, we certainly can understand why people here in Japan have been commenting “Kawaii!! So cute!!” at the sight of these treats. Yes, they’re cute all right, although I have the feeling that they won’t quite turn out the same way if I tried to make them myself. To our delight, there are many more videos in the Nerdy Nummies series. So, if you’re serious about cooking some awesome-looking desserts, you can see the collection of her videos on YouTube here. Happy baking!

Source and images: “Nerdy Nummies – Geeky Cooking Show” on YouTube by Rosanna Pansino via ITmedia Inc. (Japanese)