cat paws

Testing out the Happy Pawcake Maker to see just how much joy it brings us【SoraKitchen】

The pawssibilities are endless.

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Cat got your brush? Squeezable cat paw makeup brushes from Japan make cosmetic application kawaii

You might want to grab these Black Cat and Baby Cat brushes even if you’re not putting on any makeup.

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Videos of Japanese cats sucking their own paws melts the Internet’s heart【Videos】

If cats are cute, and babies are cute, cats acting like babies must be just about the cutest thing ever, right?

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Spice up your kitchen with cute Japanese kitty kitchen utensils available online

These feline additions to your kitchen are purrr-fect for cat lovers.

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Adorable cat paw analog stick and button covers let you upgrade your PS4 to PSCat

This do-it-yourself enhancement is easily as big an upgrade as the rumored PlayStation 4.5

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Cat paws strike again and captivate Japanese netizens, this time in pancake form!

It’s no secret that here at RocketNews24, we’re fond of anything cute and sweet, and we’ve certainly introduced our share of adorable-looking treats on our site, from totoro cream puffs and macaroons to marshmallow cat paws. Well, continuing in that spirit, we bring to you another delightful creation that looks too precious to eat! This time it’s a home-cooked snack that basically involves making pancakes, but the end result is still devastatingly cute!

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Cat-paw marshmallows strike again — and they’re as cute and popular as ever!

Now that we’re well into December and with winter in full swing, it seems we’re more and more often in need of warm, comforting drinks. And if there’s a way to make the hot drinks cute as well as relaxing, so much the better, right?

Well, earlier this year, we brought to you a story about the perfect product for that — cat-paw marshmallows! And now, it  seems the same people have come out with a special Christmas set of the marshmallows, and they looked so beautiful (and cute, of course), we just had to share the images with you again. Read More