Well here’s something we never thought we’d see or even imagine or think about or have any interest in.

For some reason popular Ring Dream: Girl’s Pro Wrestling Battle online trading card game, which lets players pit their anime girl wrestlers against each other for in-game prizes and bragging rights, is teaming with Japanese pro wrestling association DDT to turn some of DDT’s most popular male wrestlers into in-game characters. In-game female characters.

Moral issues of forcing adolescent girls to fight each other in a ring until one wins and the other goes back into her Pokeball or something aside, this just seems like the most out-of-left-field thing any marketing team could come up with.

Sigh… well, we suppose it’s better than ruthless dictators-turned anime girls.

▼ Here’s typically ogre-like Sanshiro Takagi looking much prettier.


▼ Funnyman Michael Nakazawa gets the sporty treatment.


▼ Already bizarre-looking Antonio Honda gets an equally bizarre anime girl look, complete with inexplicable tail.


Source: ITMedia
Wrestler photos: Official DDT wrestler profiles
Anime girl photos: 4Gamer.net