snow monster

As you probably know, Tokyo had some of its heaviest snow in decades this past weekend, with an estimated 24 cm (9.4 inches) of powder on the ground by Saturday afternoon. While for some this spelled disaster, others were happy to get creative and build some epic snowmen, snow mannequins, and even puyo-puyo in the fluffy white stuff.

For one creative Twitter user, however, that same sculpting clay from the sky allowed him to recreate his nightmares in physical form. And it’s not pretty.

“We had a lot of snow, so I decided to make a snowman. I’ve had a lot of calls from my neighbours…” said the Japanese Twitter user as he posted the following photo of his creation.

snow monster

Yes, we can see why some people might not especially enjoying having that thing staring back at them for the next few days…

Naturally, the internet masses were quick to comment on this creation, saying:

“OK, yeah, that’s gonna make kids cry.”
“This is the kind of design that will only improve when it starts to melt…”
“Hey, you should make a real character. This is a waste of creative talent.” 

And of course, this being Japan, there was at least one net user who felt that this disturbing mess of snow and grotesque grins was, in fact, rather “kawaii” (cute).

If you’ve seen any equally unpalatable snow creations this winter, be sure to drop us a line and share!

Source: Nikita Sokuhou