I think we can all agree that Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most popular and well-known animes in the world. Well, here in Japan, a good understanding of the story and characters of Dragon Ball is considered basic knowledge on the Internet, so much so that it has become routine practice for Japanese Internet users to ask someone to explain a complex story or situation by using the story and characters from the series as comparison. Yes, you’ll see people on message boards literally saying, “I don’t quite understand that. Can someone explain it to me in terms of Dragon Ball, please?”

Now, it seems this practice has spread beyond Japan, and a tweet from Spain comparing some pieces of electronic and gaming equipment to Dragon Ball characters has fans of the anime laughing out loud.

Take a look at the comparisons below from Twitter user Jose Luis Gonzalez’s tweet in which he ranks current and forthcoming video game hardware:

DB Tweet

And below are some reference pics illustrating the comparisons:

PC : Goku
PS4 : Vegeta
Xbox One : Yamcha
Wii U : Farmer with shotgun
Now, if you’re familiar with Dragon Ball, I’m sure that made you chuckle a bit!

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Goku is the powerful protagonist and a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta; Vegeta — the character, not the planet — is also a very powerful warrior from the same planet as Goku but not quite as strong; Yamcha is a human which inevitably means he is way below Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta in fighting power; and the farmer with the shotgun is a character who appeared briefly when the invading Saiyans first appear on Earth and is unfortunately killed in an instant by a Saiyan who deflects the bullets from the shotgun back at the farmer after commenting, “Fighting power of just five … what useless trash.” Although the farmer is a character who doesn’t even have a name and disappears from the story within seconds, the Saiyan’s cold, dismissive remark has actually turned out to become one of the most famous lines from Dragon Ball.

Not surprisingly, the tweet has caught the attention of Japanese Internet users, many of whom are more than well-acquainted with both gaming hardware and Dragon Ball. Generally, they seem to think that the comparisons are funny and also fairly accurate, although some feel that the analogy to the farmer is perhaps a bit harsh on the Wii U.

So, while people may have differing opinions on the performance quality of various electronic equipment and hardware, it seems that analogies involving the plot and characters from Dragon Ball remain a surprisingly effective way to get a point across or offer an explanation, at least for Internet users in Japan. Well, we certainly hope this one gave you a few laughs, regardless of whether or not you think a Wii U deserves to be compared to a piece of useless trash!

Source: Twitter via Hachimakiko