Master techniques crucial to becoming a master Lego ninja.

Legoland Japan’s opening in 2017 was met with lukewarm response, yet despite its flagging performance, its blocky attractions has managed to keep the amusement park afloat.

And things are about to pick up for the theme park, as a Lego Ninjago World is set to open in July this year, expanding Legoland Japan’s existing park to a total of eight areas.

▼ First introduced in 2011, the ninja-themed Lego brand
is popular enough to even have its own TV series and movie.

So far the company has been tight-lipped about what activities will be made available at Lego Ninjago World. Perhaps it will borrow some ideas from Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo, where the Ninjago City Adventure section allows visitors to test their worth by dodging lasers.

One thing that we do know is that Legoland Japan will feature a special attraction called the Flying Ninjago, letting riders perform stylish barrel rolls for extra thrills.

▼ Take flight and spin wildly through the skies.

▼ Here is what the Flying Ninjago in Legoland Germany looks like.

The theme park also claims that Legoland Japan will have two brand new attractions, as well as interactive training that will “prepare you for ninjahood”. And since no agent of the shadow can function on an empty stomach, a Ninjago food stand is also in the works.

▼ Once it’s open, you can step through the Ninjago gates for a cubic adventure of a lifetime.

More information will be revealed in the coming months, though we’re excited to see what the two Japan-exclusive attractions are.

And perhaps if things go well, Ninjago World visitors might even one day be able to practice their newly-learned ninja skills underneath the legendary Lego cherry blossom tree.

Source, images: @press