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Having lived here for around eight years now, I sometimes forget how uniquely beautifully Japan can be. This stunning video, simply titled “January in Japan” from director and photographer Scott Gold, however, has just given me a wonderful reminder. If you have any interest in Japan whatsoever, be sure not to miss this one.

According to his personal website, California-based Scott Gold’s dream is to sit with JAWS director Steven Spielberg and have him provide commentary for the movie in real-time. We have to admit this is the first we’ve heard of Scott, but if he continues making films like this, we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he Mr. Spielberg will know his name soon enough.

Turn your volume up, hit the full screen button and enjoy.

Did anyone else just get the feels from that?

Check out Scott’s other videos on Vimeo, or head over to his official website.

Source/images: Vimeo via Kotaku JP