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We recently took a look at a new batch of Sailor Moon aprons, but if you’ve been following the celestial-themed magical girls for very long, you knew that wasn’t going to be the end of cool and quirky tie-ins for the franchise. The product planning team of merchandiser Bandai apparently never sleeps, and those aprons were just the opening salvo of another round of Sailor Moon goodies, including one that’ll help fans with the first part of their quest to eat, sleep, and breathe the hit anime.

Up first are two additions to the Moonlight Memory series, in which Bandai re-releases hit items of yesteryear. The Starry Sky music boxes are available in either shiny gold or extra girly pink versions, just as they first were in 1992 and 1993, respectively.

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Flipping open the cover reveals a crescent moon. Give it a twist, and the series’ very first opening theme, “Moonlight Legend,” plays as the moon slowly spins. Each 5,400-yen (US$50) music box also comes with a 60-centimeter (23.6 inch) chain, in case you want to slip it around your neck and carry it with you wherever you go.

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If you’d rather your anime trinkets stay quiet, the Sailor Moon Pullip doll line has now been expanded to include series’ star Usagi Tsukino’s second alter ego, Princess Serenity.

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▼ Just the sort of thing to snuggle as you fall asleep in your Princess Serenity negligee

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18,360 yen gets you all the detailed craftsmanship Korean designer Cheonsang Cheonha is known for, plus a miniature Silver Crystal necklace to adorn the princess with.

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With so many trinkets to track down, we imagine hard-core Sailor Moon fans don’t always have time to sit down for a proper meal. Soon, though, you’ll be able to quiet that rumbling in your stomach with Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Moon Crystal Gummies.

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The 130-yen packs of mango yogurt flavor snacks go on sale in January at convenience stores across Japan. Not only will they fill you up, the official Sailor Moon website claims they’ll even make your skin more beautiful, as they’re “packed with collagen and other nutrients that women will be happy for.” Collagen-hating dudes who decide to try them will apparently just have to be entertained by the fact that the candies look like moons, stars, and cats, plus other promised “rare shapes.”

Finally, did you know that Sailor Moon isn’t just a toy line, and that they actually sell Blu-rays of the anime, too?

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The second Blu-ray volume of the currently streaming reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, is being released on November 12. Blu-rays don’t come cheap in Japan, and at 7,020 yen for two episodes, the limited-edition collector’s edition of Volume 2 is an example of especially premium pricing. To justify that, the disc includes audio commentary from Hisako Kanemoto and Rina Sato (the voices of Sailor Mercury and Mars), plus director Munehisa Sakai for episodes 3 and 4. It also comes bundled with a replica of the Transformation Stick used by Japanese fan favorite Sailor Mercury.

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The Blu-ray can be purchased through Japanese retailers such as Amazon Japan, while the Starry Sky music boxes and Princess Serenity doll can be ordered directly from Bandai here and here.

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