In just the first day of his stay, designer tweeted more than 50 things that pleasantly surprised him about Japan.

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan, or even more so to stay here for an extended period of time, then you’ll know that Japan is country that puts effort into everything. Everything is clean, products are of excellent quality, and there is no laziness whatsoever on the part of service professionals. No one cuts corners. Sure, Japan is famous for its great opportunities to participate in geeky culture, fancy toilets, and many vending machines, and those things are fun, too, but there are so many little things that make living in and visiting Japan a truly outstanding experience.

Twitter user Marcin Wichary, a designer and typographer, figured this out quickly during his still-ongoing trip to Japan. Shortly after arriving in a surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed state, he began a thread of tweets about things that surprised him about the Land of the Rising Sun. Not the big things that everyone expects from Japan, but the little things that speak of Japanese people’s thoughtfulness, that show that show that small considerations make a big difference.

For example, he noted how nice it is that vending machines show you what you can buy with the money you’ve put in.

He appreciated that the video screens on the trains show you not only which car you’re on, but where your car will be stopping relative to the platform, and which direction you have to go to get to your destination…

He enjoyed the convenience of baggage hooks on various facilities…

…and the little baskets in restaurants, arcades, and other places where you can leave your stuff while you play or eat, without having to put it on the dirty ground.

Wichary was also impressed that some stations tell you how many calories you’re burning as you climb the stairs! This is probably part of Japan’s effort to promote energy conservation, by encouraging commuters to take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator, a fact that may also inspire him.

His thread contains more than 200 tweets marveling about the many unique things about Japan, and while his trip continues he is still adding thoughts and pictures of his experience. Not all of them are about the level of consideration, either. He is also fascinated in methods of foot traffic control, accessibility options, mascots and elements of design, and use of language, as well as things that are distinctly Japanese. In truth there are so many special little things about Japan that we’re not surprised he has been able to tweet this much; honestly, you could probably post several thousand tweets and still not cover them all!

Of course, everything is amazing and wonderful when seen through the rose-tinted glasses of when you first arrive in Japan, but, though you will most certainly encounter things that can be frustrating while living in a country like this, that feeling of being in a strangely wonderful place does not really go away even after several years. That’s probably why so many expats choose to stay for so long, why Japan is highly rated by travel guides, and why Tokyo has been chosen as the number one most satisfying city to visit.

If you have the chance, we at SoraNews24 really recommend taking a trip to Japan. Not only do you have the opportunity to revel in the little things that make Japan such a wonderful place, but there are so many things to explore, not just in Tokyo, but all across Japan. Daunted by the cost? Don’t be, because we know ways to help you save money during your stay, like how to travel from one side of the country to the other for less than 25 bucks.

Source: Twitter/@mwichary via Design Taxi
Featured image: Twitter/@mwichary